It’s all about the light.
I am driven by its eternal beauty and the way it paints the earth and surrounding heavens with color.
There is a narrow window of opportunity within each day that lends its self to this illustrious bath.
That time when day and night intermingle.
During this juncture is when the magic happens.
I welcome you to wander through my site and see how this light shapes the subjects it falls upon.

Guestbook for Teresa Stover
64.Mitch Dannon(non-registered)
Awesome photographs! Love them
59.Randy Woodruff(non-registered)
Looks like someone had a great fall trip to the Sods. "New Work"
Great Job! Please keep sharing with us all. Thanks
58.Albert Wong(non-registered)
Beautiful!! Great work!!
57.James Moore(non-registered)
Your work is wonderful and full of imagination waiting to explode.
56.Fred Wolfe(non-registered)
The Grandview 2012 sunrise is so very beautiful.
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